Aprosody: A Right Hemisphere Dysarthria?

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Over the years, many descriptions of aprosody have been offered. Even so, to date no clear definition of this speech disorder exists, and the relation between aprosody and dysarthria has remained elusive. This quandary has lingered because of prevailing theoretical perspectives on prosody that have undergirded motor speech classification systems such as the Mayo classification system or models of aprosody like the one developed by Ross (1981). In the former framework, prosody is placed on top of a hierarchically organized speech process, whereas in the latter it is construed to be much like language, that is, representational and highly dependent on cortex. Evidence is reviewed to show that a parallel organization of prosody that pays tribute to asymmetric hemispheric involvement in laryngeal and supralaryngeal gestures should be adopted in theories of neurogenic speech disorders. **********

Aprosody A Right Hemisphere Dysarthria

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