Live Healthy with Crohn’S Disease

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You have been diagnosed with something called Crohns disease. You have looked at all the scary literature and heard the dire medical advice and prognosis about a disease that cannot be cured. Maybe you have acute symptoms and are enduring the debilitating and embarrassing effects of pain, fatigue, diarrhea, medications, and surgery. Or maybe you are in a remission and while your symptoms have subsided, you are worried about when the next attack will be. What do you do now? Life with Crohns is not easy, but when treated correctly, the disease can be managed, reducing symptoms and allowing healing to occur. This book is about the power you have over your life and lifestyle to help you take control of your disease. My 25 years of experience have led me to the awareness that choices I made in my daily life either contributed to my disease or supported my healing. I found that by taking responsibility for my health and having the willingness to change my lifestyle, I was able to control my symptoms, stay active and live the life of my dreams rather than feeling un-empowered, sad and suffering every day. Join me in living a symptom-free life.

Live Healthy With Crohn S Disease

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