Proceedings from the 4th Annual Renal Pathology Society/Kidney and Urologic Foundation of America Satellite Meeting: Update in Renal Pathology (Special Issue–4th Annual Rps/Kufa Satellite Meeting Proceedings) (Conference News)

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The Renal Pathology Society (RPS) hosted its 4th Annual RPS/KUFA (Kidney and Urologic Foundation of America) Satellite Meeting on September 8, 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey, in conjunction with the 21st European Congress of Pathology. The European Nephropathology Working Group cosponsored the event. The meeting was chaired by Laura Barisoni, MD, from New York University Medical Center and Alex Howie, MD, from the Royal Free Hospital in London, United Kingdom. The articles that follow represent articles generated from the invited presentations at this meeting. Since many readers of this special issue may not be familiar with the RPS, we would like to briefly introduce readers to the Renal Pathology Society. The RPS originated as the Renal Pathology Club (RPC). It was conceived by Conrad Pirani, MD, who became its first president. The founding members, many of whom made seminal contributions to other pathology subspecialties, include Peter Burkholder, MD; Jacob Churg, MD; Ramzi S. Cotran, MD; Francis Cuppage, MD; Robert H. Heptinstall, MD; David B. Jones, MD; Michael Kashgarian, MD; Richard Kempson, MD; John M. Kissane, MD; Robert McCluskey, MD; Kash Mostofi, MD; Benjamin Spargo, MD; Gary Striker, MD; Jay Bernstein, MD; Robert Lannigan, MD; and Fred Silva, MD. In 1993 the RPC transitioned to the RPS.

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