Ten Commandments For A Healthy Lifestyle

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With hundreds of books available on health and wellness, where do you go for simple but powerful information about how to stay healthy? The Ten Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle holds the basic tenants that are the foundation for health and wellness.

Respectfully, using the concept of the Ten Commandments as the framework chiropractor and author, Dr. Perry Wolk-Weiss has pulled from his many years as a health practitioner helping hundreds of patients to heal their bodies. Dr. Wolk-Weiss reveals these time tested, straight forward concepts written in a simple to understand format. The Ten Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle contains empowering ideas about exercise, nutrition, stress management and spirituality that all of us need to be reminded about everyday in regards to our health.

Beginning with the first commandment, Thou Shall Breath and ending with Commandment X , Thou Shall Remain Flexible, Dr. Wolk-Weiss lays down the specific steps to help you create a healthier lifestyle. Each commandment is written from a holistic viewpoint and is filled with simple concepts that you can immediately implement into your life to initiate the process of change.

The Ten Commandments for a Healthy Lifestyle is concise and the type of book you will easily refer to over and over again to re-motivate yourself towards staying healthy.

Ten Commandments For A Healthy Lifestyle

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