The Food You Crave

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2009 IACP Winner
Health and Special Diets Category
Cookbooks and diet books that focus on healthful eating, nutrition, dietary concerns and special or restrictive diets.
And The James Beard Foundation 2009 Award in the Healthy Focus category.

For author Ellie Krieger — and also host of the Food Network’s Healthy Appetite — good health isn’t about deprivation, it’s about good choices.
From appetizers to desserts, Ellie has a recipe to satisfy your every craving, whether it’s for creamy mashed potatoes or luscious chocolate pudding. She offers up tasty ideas for healthy grab-and-go breakfasts and mid-afternoon snacks. You’ll find useful tips on ingredients, going organic, and easy ways to change your eating habits. Plus each recipe comes with a complete nutritional analysis.
But this book is much more than a collection of recipes. It’s a new way of looking at food — a fresh approach to eating that gives you the flavor and satisfaction you crave in a healthier way.
Here’s a little taste of the philosophy behind every delicious recipe in The Food You Crave.

Moderation — Not only in portion size, but you’ll find healthy suggestions about which ingredients should be used “Usually,” “Sometimes,” and “Rarely”

Keeping it Fresh — Most of the recommended foods and ingredients are fresh — as close to their original state as possible — which makes them tastier and healthier

Keeping it Real — Recipes steer clear of foods with artificial additives or a list of ingredients that read like a chemistry experiment — to protect your health

In The Food You Crave, you’ll find dozens of healthy recipes that are bursting with flavor — for everyday meals that will make you feel great.

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