161 Sexual Myths

161 Sexual Myths

You Think You Know Everything About Sex But, But Frankly, That’s Not The Case.

Probably you know more about sexual myths and less about the facts. And that’s normal.

Sexual myths have been around for centuries and just because they’re old we may think they’re true.

But here’s a secret: Most Things You Know About Sex Are Lies

But you can now learn the truth about these myths with some real, logical talk by a real doctor.

“161 Sexual Myths” by Joseph I. Evans M.D. will tell you everything you need to know.

Read all the reasons why the most common sexual myths are not real, as they are explained by an expert.

Become a Sex Connoisseur Yourself.

Find the answers to the most common sex questions.

“Every woman has a G spot”, “Viagra causes heart problems” and many more topics will be revealed to you through a different lens; that of science.

Download the Book and Find the Truth NOW!

161 Sexual Myths

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