ALCATRAZ: In Video and Pictures

ALCATRAZ: In Video and Pictures

This book contains over 90 historic and 2009 photographs of Alcatraz Island – taken both inside outside buildings. It also contains five (5) maps and a 47 minute video shot on 11 March 2009. This video contains the following scenes – some narrated by a National Park Service Ranger:

1. Ferry ride from mainland to Alcatraz

2. 50+ high quality picture slide show at 4 second intervals

3. Arrival at the Rock; very short orientation

4. Dock shots

5. Bay/Skyline view

6. Administration Building/Visitation Area

7. Prison Cells

8. Cutoff Area

9. Metal Detector

10. Dining Hall

11. Kitchen

12. Outdoor Recreation Area

13. Outdoor Recreation Area Wall

14. Plantings by National Park Service Volunteers

15. Cliff, Rocks and Water

16. More Plantings by NPS Volunteers

17. Perched Birds

18. Rack em’ Cell Door Closing Demonstration

19. More Cell Rooms

20. Cell Hallway and Cell Bars

21. Cell with Full Bedding


22. Mugshot Photo Room

23. Second Floor – Entrance with Narration

24. Second Floor – Medical Rooms with Narration

25. Second Floor – Dentist Office with Narration

26. Second Floor – Sauna with Narration

27. Second Floor – “Birdman” Confinement Area with approximately 10 Minute Birdman History at Alcatraz story narrated by NPS volunteer

28. Second Floor – Medical Showers

29. Second Floor – More Medical Rooms including Operating Room

30. Second Floor – More Cells (some specially painted); Al Capone’s Cell

31. Second Floor – Old U.S. Army (outside) Cell Bars

32. Second Floor – Escape Hole in Ceiling and In-Between Bars (part) Story

33. Second Floor – In-between Cell Walls Utility Area

34. Second Floor – Rack em’ Again (with view of levers)

35. First Floor Again – Prison Library

36. First Floor Again – Furnished Cells with original prison artwork

37. Return to iDVD Menu with Revolving Pictures

ALCATRAZ: In Video and Pictures

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