America, Guns, and Freedom

America, Guns, and Freedom

America, Guns, and Freedom outlines why the Second Amendment and armed self-defense are still needed in modern society, debunks the arguments that the U.S. should follow the path of European social democracies by enforcing draconian gun control, and expounds on how civilian disarmament in Australia and Great Britain, despite media hype, has not decreased violent crime in those countries. In America, Guns, and Freedom, the author warns us of the five essential ingredients required for the creation and sustenance of tyrannical governments, one of which has been civilian disarmament via gun registration followed by gun bans and confiscation. Faria discusses mass shooting incidents and the role of mental illness. Special attention is given to the problem of how media sensationalism may encourage deranged individuals and madmen to become mass shooters seeking celebrity status, even in death. While gun control advocates decry America’s “gun culture,” Faria informs us of the significant role that this “gun culture” played in saving England during World War II. American traditions have been and remain beacons of liberty, and this is most evident in America, Guns, and Freedom. Totalitarian governments that deny their citizens the right to keep and bear arms are a threat to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

"In an age ruled by superficiality and vulgarity, Dr. Faria stands out as a true 21st century Renaissance man. His scholarly grasp of history particularly the ancient recurring theme of tyranny sharpens his understanding, and also that of his readers, of today s efforts to quell freedom and advance the statist dreams of liberal progressive… And he relates that history as one of its creators, because Dr. Faria was and is at the heart of the resistance to this outrageous power play by the public health establishment and organized medicine." —Timothy W. Wheeler, MD, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)


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