Anthrax: A Cassandra Williams MD Medical Thriller

Anthrax: A Cassandra Williams MD Medical Thriller

An Anthrax Outbreak in New York City!
Is it a Terrorist Attack? Is It Germ Warfare?

The US has deployed illegal anthrax weapons to end a war in the ancient city-state of Astrakhan. Two of the bombs are stolen and smuggled by known terrorists into New York City. One is opened and scattered in Times Square.

When Doctor Cassandra Williams of the CDC is sent to New York, one day into this epidemic outbreak, there are seventeen cases of this rare disease – there will soon be hundreds.

A Reporter tells the junior Senator from New York – Richland Powell, “…The woman who contacted me said that the group has another bomb. She said they plan to drop it on the city soon.”

Cassandra Williams and Richland Powell, join forces to prevent the worst medical disaster in the history of the human race. It is a race against time. Meanwhile, a murderous government cadre tracks Cassandra to keep her from identifying the origins of the outbreak even if stopping her means preventing her from saving millions of New Yorkers from certain death.

What do readers say?

• “So real it’s terrifying.” D. Johnston

• “You must read to the end,” M. Paiz

• “One of the best terrorism stories I’ve ever read.” J. Kreple

John Russell writes medical thrillers with a political edge. His trademark is the reality of what he writes. ANTHRAX could happen today or tomorrow.

If you enjoy cutting edge thrillers scroll up and grab a copy of ANTHRAX today.

Anthrax: A Cassandra Williams MD Medical Thriller

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