Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story Of A Doctor Who Got Away With Murder

Blind Eye: The Terrifying Story Of A Doctor Who Got Away With Murder

A medical thriller from Pulitzer Prize–winning author James B. Stewart about serial killer doctor Michael Swango and the medical community that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.

No one could believe that the handsome young doctor might be a serial killer. Wherever he was hired—in Ohio, Illinois, New York, South Dakota—Michael Swango at first seemed the model physician. Then his patients began dying under suspicious circumstances.

At once a gripping read and a hard-hitting look at the inner workings of the American medical system, Blind Eye describes a professional hierarchy where doctors repeatedly accept the word of fellow physicians over that of nurses, hospital employees, and patients—even as horrible truths begin to emerge. With the prodigious investigative reporting that has defined his Pulitzer Prize–winning career, James B. Stewart has tracked down survivors, relatives of victims, and shaken coworkers to unearth the evidence that may finally lead to Swango’s conviction.

Combining meticulous research with spellbinding prose, Stewart has written a shocking chronicle of a psychopathic doctor and of the medical establishment that chose to turn a blind eye on his criminal activities.

Chillingly thorough….Wonderfully done….An elaborate journalistic reconstruction that has the fascination of an acutely observed and troubling novel. Author: Lance Morrow Source: The New York Times Book Review

A remarkable piece of reporting. Author: Scott McLemee Source: Newsday

Stewart tells a riveting tale of terror, a true page-turner. Author: Jerome E. Groopman Source: The Wall Street Journal

Blind Eye is a flat-out horrifying nonfiction profile of Michael Swango…Stewart is an excellent writer and reporter…This is a brave and passionate book. Author: Joan O’C. Hamilton Source: Business Week

Stewart penetrates the hermetically sealed world of medicine. In the process, he exposes the arrogance and the fraudulent professional courtesies that allowed Swango to move ahead unchallenged. In other words, Stewart does the work that hospital administrators and supervising physicians in Ohio, South Dakota, and New York should have done. Author: Ellen Clegg Source: The Boston Globe

Swango’s odyssey is so compelling that I became riveted. I needed to know when and how he would be caught, and what ultimately happened to him. Author: Dr. Robert B. Daroff Source: The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Stewart has produced an extraordinary book. Author: Steve Twedt Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

James B. Stewart’s Blind Eye is a persuasive case against Dr. Michael Swango. Author: R. Z. Sheppard Source: Time magazine

The facts gathered by Stewart are compelling. [He]…persuasively dissects the medical establishment. Author: Steve Weinberg Source: Chicago Tribune

Is Blind Eye worth reading? Yes, Jim Stewart’s books always are. Author: Joseph Nocera Source: Fortune

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