Blood Glucose (sugar) and Diabetes

Blood Glucose (sugar) and Diabetes

Diabetes epidemic has now reached every corner of the world. Just a few decades ago many issues about diabetes were not clear. Even the definition of diabetes was not correct. Correct definition came in practice in 1998.

Today we know so much about diabetes. We know that in most cases diabetes itself does not kill the patient. It is the complications of diabetes that kill the patient. These complications can be prevented or at lest minimized (even if they have started) by keeping a good blood glucose control. This book is the first step in that direction and is a part of series by Dr. Anup, MD (USA).

Who will benefit from reading this book?

Diabetics, prediabetics, relatives of diabetics, caregiver for diabetics all stand to gain from learning from this book.

Diabetes is a condition with high blood glucose also called high blood sugar.

If one understands blood glucose (sugar) one can control it better and thus avoid complications from diabetes.

This E-book tells all about glucose that a patient need to know to better control his blood glucose levels.

This book is a part of series on diabetes by Dr. Anup, MD and is published by Anup Research And Multimedia USA.

Blood Glucose (sugar) and Diabetes

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