Color Atlas and Synopsis of Vascular Medicine (SET 2)

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Vascular Medicine (SET 2)

Hundreds of High-Quality Images Span the Entire Spectrum of Vascular Disease


Color Atlas of Vascular Diseases is designed to help you properly identify and manage vascular diseases involving the arterial, venous, and lymphatic system. It offers a clinical and synoptic approach to the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic considerations in vascular diseases. You will find hundreds of state-of-the-art clinical, diagnostic, and interventional images, along with concise, bulleted text detailing the diagnosis and patient management.

This unique combination atlas and learning text written by experts in the field, integrates the fields of vascular medicine, vascular surgery, and endovascular therapy in an effective, easy-to-learn fashion. Chapters feature succinct bulleted teaching points combined with photographs of vascular pathology. When appropriate, vivid arteriographic and ultrasonographic images are also included.

Topics include:
Lower Extremity Arterial DiseaseAortic and Upper Extremity Arterial DiseaseCarotid Artery Occlusive DiseaseAneurysmal DiseaseNon-Atherosclerotic DisordersArteriovenous Visceral DiseaseVenous DiseaseLimb SwellingVasospastic and Vasculitic DiseasesEnvironmental DiseasesLimb Ulcerations

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Vascular Medicine (SET 2)

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