Curing Diabetes In 7 Steps

Curing Diabetes In 7 Steps

Currently diabetes and its complications is the top ill-health epidemic affecting the entire world. It
also affects young children at alarming rates. It is the major cause of other diseases such as obesity,
heart disease, cancer, dementia, amputations, and more. It is essential to understand that Type 2
Diabetes is caused 100 percent by fungal, environmental, and lifestyle factors. And it can be
reversed. In this book you will learn and apply how to change your diabetes forever using 7 Simple
Steps. This book can start to heal your Type 2 Diabetes within seven days.

About the Author

Laurens Maas is a registered osteopath, nutritionist, and homeopath. He trained in
the United Kingdom and the United States and has been practicing holistic medicine for over nineteen
years. He is currently in training for his integrated Medical Doctoral degree.

He has used the techniques outlined in this book to consult with, and treat, thousands of patients,
including professional athletes, celebrities, pop stars, medical doctors, and professors.

From his clinic in Barbados, Laurens Maas treats clients from the local Caribbean region and receives
hundreds of patients who fly in from all over the world specifically for his treatment and to learn how to
care for themselves using the 5 Laws. His treatment methods include state of the art, functional
medicine (FM).

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