Dark Cure

Dark Cure

A miracle cure hides a dark secret…

Dr. Karl Shepherd’s search for a cure for his daughter’s rare condition has led him to the Inn, a remote research facility in the Amazon rainforest. His prayers are answered when the team discovers a drug that will save his little girl.  

Before he can celebrate, a scientist is murdered. An investigation uncovers that mercenaries, working for a rival drug company, are closing in fast. They intend to use the cure to create super-soldiers for a foreign power, launching a new age of genetic warfare. Their mission—steal the cure and kill everyone at the Inn. 

Their survival depends on Shepherd’s experience as a former U.S. Ranger. But confronting him is the most technologically advanced military force ever assembled, led by Jacques Benoit, a cognitively enhanced super-soldier. Can Shepherd defeat him and save his colleagues from certain death?

Dark Cure

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