Diabetes and Depression

Diabetes and Depression

The purpose of this course is to provide nurses and allied mental health professionals with the information necessary to identify depression in patients with diabetes and to intervene to improve these patients’ quality of life. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented. 

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

1. Discuss the epidemiology and diagnosis of diabetes.
2. Evaluate the pathophysiology of depression and identify types that can impact patients with diabetes.
3. Analyze tools available to screen for depression in patients with diabetes.
4. Identify treatment options for clinical depression in diabetic patients.
5. State the educational needs for individuals with diabetes complicated by depression.

This 3-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.

Diabetes and Depression | | 4.5