Diabetic Cookbook

Diabetic Cookbook

Diabetics can live a normal life if they are willing to make a few lifestyle changes.

In this book you will find over 140 easy recipes that show you how to prepare diabetic meals to help you with diabetes control. The Diabetic recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies. Inside you will find a wealth of information.

Read now how you can treat and manage diabetes without drugs. You will discover basic Diabetic dietary guidelines and the Diabetic’s shopping list for the good foods, bad foods and neutral foods.

·         Over 20 Breakfast Recipes

·         Over 25 Lunch Recipes

·         Over 20 Dinner Recipes

·         Over 35 Dessert Recipes

·         Over 30 Great Snack Recipes 

·         Over 10 Smoothies for diabetics

Many hints, tips and ideas are contained in this book. Jenny is a type II diabetic and has a lot of experiance.

Diabetic Cookbook

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