Doctor C’s Medical Guide

Doctor C's Medical Guide

Dr. Joseph Ciabattoni, PhD, MD, helps people gain greater control of their health care as he launches his practical guidebook Doctor C’s Medical Guide. Dr. C provides laypeople with everything they need to know about common diseases. In his detailed guidebook, Dr. C discusses common everyday medical problems and the various methods of prevention and treatment. He takes technical medical knowledge and breaks it down into more understandable layman’s terms. The book provides additional useful information including appropriate use of over-the-counter medications, first-aid procedures, and proper techniques for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich maneuver. Also included are an extensive glossary of medical terms and instructions on reading nutrition labels and prescriptions. While not intended to substitute the expertise of a qualified primary care provider or specialist, Doctor C’s Medical Guide will help improve the layman’s basic understanding of medical problems and enable the person to ask their doctor appropriate questions. Readers will find Doctor C’s Medical Guide a valuable and indispensable addition to every home and family library.

Doctor C's Medical Guide

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