Endocrine System (Human Body)

Endocrine System (Human Body)

Endocrine System

The endocrine system is the system of glands, each of which secretes different types of hormones directly into the bloodstream (some of which are transported along nerve tracts to regulate the body. Two systems, the nervous system and the endocrine system, work together to regulate and integrate the processes of the body. The activities of these systems operate like an interlocking super system. Some parts of the nervous system stimulate the release of hormones while some parts of the endocrine system stimulate nerve impulses.

In this course, you will study the endocrine system, its anatomy, physiology, diseases, and disorders. A particular disease, diabetes mellitus, will also be studied. 

This course is part of our Human Body series.

Includes a questions and answers section at the end of each lesson.

Designed for iBooks with full illustrations and diagrams included.


– The Anatomy and Physiology of the Endocrine System
– Diseases and Disorders of the Endocrine System
– Diabetes Mellitus

Endocrine System (Human Body)

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