Functional Anatomy for Physical Therapists

Functional Anatomy for Physical Therapists

Effective examination and treatment in physical therapy rely on a solid
of the dynamics of the joints and the functions of the surrounding
muscles. This concise
instructional manual helps readers to not only memorize anatomy but
also to truly
comprehend the structures and functions of the whole body: the
intervertebral disk,
the cervical spine, the cranium, the thoracic spine, the thorax, the
upper extremities,
lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint, and the lower extremities. Through
precise descriptions,
efficiently organized chapters, and beautiful illustrations, this book
relates functional
anatomy to therapy practice. It provides extensive coverage of the palpation
of structures and
references to pathology throughout.


Accurate and detailed descriptions of each joint structure
in the body, including their vessels and nerves, and their function
Comprehensive guidance on the palpation of individual
Detailed discussions on the functional aspects of muscles
and joint surfaces, and the formation of joints
Concise tips and references to pathology to assist with
everyday practice
More than 1000 illustrations clearly depicting anatomy and
the interconnections between structures

Physical therapists will find Functional Anatomy for Physical
Therapists invaluable to their study or practice. It makes
functional anatomy easier for students to learn and is ideal for use in
exam preparation. Experienced therapists will benefit from practical
tips and guidance for applying and refining their techniques.

Functional Anatomy for Physical Therapists

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