How to “Civilize” State Medical Boards (Essay)

How to "Civilize" State Medical Boards (Essay)

The word “civilized” is difficult to define. One might say that we “know it when we see it.” It is easy, of course, to exclude from its meaning barbaric behavior such as pillaging and mayhem. The Visigoths who sacked Rome in A.D. 410 were plainly “uncivilized.” But being “civilized” means more than keeping barbarians outside the gate. One astute observer noted that an utter lack of humor is a sign of an uncivilized person. Attila the Hun, perhaps the most uncivilized man of all time, was criticized for his humorless demeanor amid raucous entertainment. At one event, an entertainer amused the audience “by mixing up the languages of the Italians with those of the Huns and Goths.” The entertainer “fascinated everyone and made them break out into uncontrollable laughter, all that is except Attila. He remained impassive, without any change of expression, and neither by word or gesture did he seem to share in the merriment ….” (1) More than a few bureaucrats fit that mold.

How to "Civilize" State Medical Boards (Essay)

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