ICD-10-CM Quick Learn (Quick Learn Guides)

ICD-10-CM Quick Learn (Quick Learn Guides)

UPDATED FOR 2020! This interactive study guide, with pro-level tips and interesting scenario-based exercises, is the one essential tool you need to master the often-confusing new ICD-10 conventions and guidelines. This unique don’t-sweat-it style of learning cuts to the chase and simplifies learning while progressing from basic concepts to more difficult scenarios. • LEARN BY DOING. You’ll jump right in, using the ICD-10-CM from the very beginning. More than 1500 exercises not only provide the answers immediately, but also show the step-by-step process and reasoning in selecting exactly the right code. • SCENARIO-BASED EXERCISES. Each chapter ends with challenging exercises to practice the new learning. • QUICK QUIZZES. scattered throughout the text reinforce learning from previous chapters. HALF-TIME AND FINAL REVIEWS offer excellent practice and self-evaluation. • You’ll enjoy IT’S ALL GREEK (OR LATIN) TO ME! A surprisingly simple technique of graphics and exercises to demystify long, foreign-sounding medical terminology. Without memorization, you’ll employ your new understanding of hundreds of common Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words to decipher multi-syllable body parts, conditions and diagnoses. • SIZZLING HOT TIPS. Pro-level insights that set expert coders above the rest. • TAKE NOTE! Bold pushpin notes throughout each chapter reinforce critical ICD-10 coding rules and requirements. • EFFORTLESSLY LEARN CODING TERMINOLOGY such as seventh character, includes, excludes and other types of notes which are critical to proper coding. • Coding is serious business, but you can have a little fun while learning, so enjoy THERE’S A CODE FOR THAT?? Unique and sometimes downright hilarious diagnosis codes that are HUMOROUSLY ILLUSTRATED to give your mind a smile break. • PERFECT FOR CLASSROOM OR SELF-STUDY.

Randall A. Simmons M.Ed., CRCR, has three decades of experience in healthcare reimbursement on both the provider side and the payer side. He holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Education in instructional technology. He is also credentialed as a Certified Revenue Cycle Representative by the Healthcare Financial Management Association. After more than a decade of experience in the health insurance industry, Mr. Simmons established his own software company, developing proprietary claim processing software. He went on to develop computer and internet-based training programs for medical providers and health insurance companies in North America and abroad. He currently is involved in healthcare software training and learning management systems administration for a major healthcare organization. Having taught in both the academic and healthcare environments and in both the medical and insurance fields, Mr. Simmons brings his unique classroom manner to the printed page, making learning easy and fun. His teaching is designed to enable those new to the field as well as experienced professionals to become high performers in their chosen careers.


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