Kief Preston’s Time-Tested Edibles Cookbook:: Medical Marijuana Recipes

Kief Preston's Time-Tested Edibles Cookbook:: Medical Marijuana Recipes

Are you tried of paying $25+ for dusty, stale dispensary edibles?

Would you like to make your own BOMB EDIBLES but just don’t know how to get started?

Whatever the reason, if it’s medical marijuana edibles you’re craving, you can’t go wrong with this cookbook!

Nothing smells better than freshly baked sweets with a hint of sticky ganja goodness spreading through your kitchen and beyond! I, Kief Preston, long-time supporter of marijuana legalization, medical marijuana patient, former sous-chef, and edibles connoisseur, personally hand-picked this collection of recipes to help you enjoy your medicine in the form of your favorite THC-infused snacks.

With this impeccable assortment of mouthwatering, medical marijuana edibles recipes you can make killer:

THE CLASSIC “SPECIAL” BROWNIES (of course!) and much more…


If it’s medical marijuana edibles you’re craving, you can’t go wrong with this cookbook!

Whether you use marijuana for natural pain relief, need marijuana for anxiety, insomnia, or any other reason, making edibles will allow you enjoy the natural medicinal benefits of this wonderful herbal remedy without any of the harmful carcinogens associated with smoking, not to mention that it tastes fantastic if done correctly. Each of these recipes is guaranteed to satiate your appetite while delivering the unique healing effects of this amazing plant. To start cooking, scroll up and grab your copy right now!

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PS – Look inside to find out how to get another one of my Kief Preston’s Time-Tested Edibles Cookbooks ABSOLUTELY FREE!

-Bon Appétit!

First off, I love Bubba Kush! I like a lot of other strains, but I LOVE that Bubba! Raised in the Southwest, I have been a MMJ patient for a while, and am devoted to being an avid supporter of marijuana legalization and its use for medicinal purposes. Free the weed already people, there’s people we can help and there’s hella money to be made so what’s the holdup? I graduated Class of 2011 from the University of Arizona (GO CATS!) and went on to ASU for grad school. Before and during college, I worked at a number of restaurants in the Scottsdale area, doing everything from serving, managing, baking, delivery and even cooking gourmet dishes as a sous-chef at a pricey restaurant on the north side. I’ve also owned a couple businesses, one of which was centered around proofreading and editing aspiring authors’ manuscripts and helping them get their works published. I enjoy everything about good weed including reading and writing about it, cooking with it, smoking, eating it, being around stoners, vaping, dabbing, growing (in 2013 the State of Arizona gave me grow rights since my home was more than 25 miles away from the closest dispensary, thanks Arizona!), supporting marijuana law reform (in 2014 I marched through Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of a “Legalize It!” demonstration that shut down traffic on all 12 lanes of Avenida de 9 de Julio, the widest road in the world), and sharing the truth about weed with people. In early 2016 I decided to take my cannabis knowledge to the next level and successfully earned Marijuana Master Certification from Cannabis Training University. I started the website to serve as the home for my Kief Preston’s Time-Tested Edibles Cookbook Series and my YouTube show Weekly Weed News w/Kief Preston which is intended to raise awareness about cannabis and the issues surrounding the current changes afoot in the United States and abroad. It’s been 20+ years that I’ve been enjoying the positive, healing effects of good bud, and I would like to live in a world where everyone has the right to try Bubba Kush for themselves, so I’m doing something to try and make that happen. I encourage every stoner out there, you included, to take action and do your part to make 2016 the year we finally free the weed for good. I aim to make my books easy to follow and full of bomb edibles recipes. If you like them be kind enough and leave a review! “Take ACTION TODAY to help legalize weed tomorrow!” -Kief Preston

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