Leptin Resistance: Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Long Life

Leptin Resistance: Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Long Life

The Connection Between Leptin and Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a protein hormone that is released by fat cells in order to regulate appetite and metabolism. It was discovered in 1994 by Jeffrey M. Friedman at Rockefeller University. Since then, it has helped doctors learn more about obesity and its relationship with leptin resistance.

When released in high levels, leptin reduces appetite and sets of the fat burning process by signaling the brain. However, in low levels, it will make a person feel hungry and eat food, as well as store energy from food.

When a person’s brain becomes resistant to the signals issued by leptin, a person is said to become leptin resistant.

How does this happen?

A leptin-resistant person will continue to eat even when energy reserves have been topped up, thus causing accumulation of fat leading to obesity. On the other hand, a person who is leptin sensitive will have control over their hunger, metabolism and fat storage.

In this book, we are going to help you figure out how and why you may have become leptin resistant. And how you can get your body back to the delicate balance of healthy leptin production and your brain getting the right signals. Health sciences have recently found ways in which to turn this greatest enemy into your best friend.

Here is what you get:

•At A Glance “Ultimate Guide to Leptin and Leptin Resistance”
•Section 1: Understanding the Connection
•Section 2: Understanding the Process of Aging
•Section 3: Understanding Leptin
•Section 4: The Bitter Truth about Sweets
•Section 5: Increase in Insulin Levels
•Section 6: Significance of the Leptin Message Inside the Human Body
•Section 7: How to Control Leptin?
•Section 8: Understanding Leptin Resistance
•Section 9: Understanding the Leptin Connection
•Section 10: Guidelines For Proper Nutrition
•Section 11: Permissible Food Items
•Section 12: Your New Shopping List
•Section 13: Some Healthy and Delicious Recipes

As you can see this book has everything you need to Reset Your Leptin and get back to Healthy Weight Management and Long Life.

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Leptin Resistance: Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Long Life

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