Medical Coding CPC Practice Exam #1

Medical Coding CPC Practice Exam #1

Medical Coding CPC Practice Exam #1 consists of 150 multiple choice questions designed to prepare you for the CPC certification exam.

This practice exam includes the answers and rationale behind each answer so you know why the answer is correct. 

This document has been totally reformatted with a new Table Of Contents for easy use on your iPad

“The exam is in sections for those like me who want to get the easier ones out of the way first. The rationales were informative, but not too drawn out or confusing. If you have taken the CPC Coding Review Exam from the textbook, this one is a great deal easier, because the one in the textbook is dominated by operative reports, some of which were very long. I am sitting for my CPC exam shortly and I really hope it resembles this format. Thanks for having this at such a reasonable price. If you are studying for your exam, you would be doing yourself a favor to get this. I am about to download test #2!”

Medical Coding CPC Practice Exam #1

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