Medical Practice Marketing For Dummies

Medical Practice Marketing For Dummies

Marketing is a process rather than an event. To be successful, efficient and cost-conscious, developing a marketing plan is a necessary and critical element of a medical practice’s overall strategic process. The marketing plan will serve as a road map to guide your internal and external activities, define your goals and detail your planned strategies and tactics for a twelve month period.

In “Medical Practice Marketing for Dummies” what you will find is a proven and practical approach for medical practices to honestly evaluate their current marketing situation and to develop and implement a comprehensive process to help increase their visibility in the community, differentiate themselves versus competitive providers and, ultimately, grow their revenue.

This is not a report that discusses the 7 P’s of marketing or the theory behind developing a plan. More than anything, this is a “how to” guide to help you plan and organize so that you can effectively market.

“Medical Practice Marketing for Dummies” will provide a simple blueprint on how to conduct an internal marketing assessment of your practice and develop a marketing plan. Specific examples of each of the plan elements, along with a sample marketing plan, are provided to guide you through the development process.

Medical Practice Marketing For Dummies

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