Medical Statistics Made Easy

Medical Statistics Made Easy

Medical Statistics Made Easy 3e scores 99/100 and 5 stars on Doody’s (Sept 2014)! Here’s what the reviewer said:
“This is a practical guide to the use of statistics in medical literature and their application in clinical practice. The numerous examples help make the conceptualization of complex ideas easy. It is a great resource for healthcare students and clinicians in the field.”

Statistics Made Easy has been a perennial bestseller since it was first
published in 2003 (#1 bestseller in medical statistics on Amazon). It is widely
recommend on a variety of courses and programmes, from undergraduate medicine,
through to professional medical qualifications.

It is
a book of key statistics principles for anyone studying or working in medicine
and healthcare who needs a basic overview of the subject.

Using a consistent format, the authors describe the most common statistical
methods in turn and then rate them on how difficult they are to understand and
how common they are.

The worked examples that demonstrate the statistical method in action have been
updated to include current articles from the medical literature and now feature
a much wider range of medical journals.

new third edition continues with the same structure as the previous editions and
also features a completely revised “Statistics at work” section.

reviews of the second edition:
“We would
recommend this book as an introduction into medical statistics before plunging
into the deep ‘statistical’ waters! It gives confidence to the reader in taking
up the challenge of understanding statistics and [being] able to apply
knowledge in analysing medical literature.”
Stefanie Zhao Lin
Lip & Louise Murchison, Scottish Medical Journal, June 2010
“If ever there
was a book that completely lived up to its title, this is it… The whole way
in which the authors have written this book is commendable; the chapters are
succinct, easy to follow and a pleasure to read…Is it value for money? – a definite
yes even at twice the price. Of course I never exaggerate but if you breathe,
you should own this book!”
Ian Pearce,
Urology News, June 2010

Medical Statistics Made Easy

Medical Statistics Made Easy | | 4.5