Medical-Surgical Nursing made Incredibly Easy!

Medical-Surgical Nursing made Incredibly Easy!

The easy-to-relate-to guide that every medical-surgical nursing student and novice needs!
Perform safe, accurate, up-to-date nursing protocols with this expert, colorfully-illustrated guidance

Expert Data + Wise Insights, this essential, fully-updated book is your personal guide to assessing and treating the common disorders of each body system, with current best practices on:

Understanding anatomy, etiology, and pathophysiology
Taking health histories
Doing physical assessments
Diagnostic testing, including patient preparation and monitoring
Current NANDA International nursing diagnosis guidelines
Full-color visuals + real-world guidance with colorfully illustrated, quick-read content offering step-by-step protocols for areas such as:

Cancer, gerontology, and end-of-life care
Administering fluids and electrolytes; maintaining acid-base balance
Pain management
Blood transfusion reactions
Use of CT scans, MRIs, and x-rays for each body system
Preoperative care
Surgical processes
Classifying and treating heart failure
Treating acute and chronic renal failure
Easy-to-follow = Easy-to-remember with clinical tips and nuggets in each chapter offering real-world support:

A closer look – Illustrations and charts that explain anatomy, physiology, and complex pathways
Education edge – Practical tips for patient teaching
Just the facts – Brief outline of content at the start of every chapter
What do I do? – Steps to take in emergency situations
Weighing the evidence – Current evidence-based practice pointers
Memory jogger – Memory tricks that help you remember vital concepts and key treatments
Quick quiz – End-of-chapter riddles and multiple-choice questions to help you retain vital content.

Medical-Surgical Nursing made Incredibly Easy!

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