Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

The definitive guide for any international insurance company, multinational employer, health insurance agent or government who is involved with patients and insured who travel travel to other countries for healthcare. This book explains why patients are traveling for healthcare, what medical and dental providers they are traveling for and what countries patients are traveling to. It will provide an understanding of the medical tourism and international healthcare marketplace and teach you what you need to understand in over to implement a successful international healthcare plan.

>> Understand how and why insurance companies , employers and governments have implemented medical tourism & cross border healthcare

>> Learn the quality of care available around the world

>> Overview of what countries are at the forefront of international healthcare

“This book is required reading for anyone considering becoming a part of the Medical Tourism marketplace. Jonathan and Renee-Marie have been instrumental in bringing the necessary parties together and making Medical Tourism a viable option for many.”
-Colleen DePadua, Manager of Group Insurance, Black & Decker

Medical Tourism

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