My Body Passport Boomer: Starter Series – Comprehensive Personal Health Record

My Body Passport Boomer: Starter Series - Comprehensive Personal Health Record

The perfect way to establish your record keeping habits with a tool that understands YOU. Get your health management journey started – by purchasing the Boomer edition of the My Body Passport. Every My Body Passport is easy and a pleasure to fill-in, whether for you or for a loved one. It’s the most well-organized and comprehensive health record book.

Its checkbox format combines with pre-filled-out medical terms specific to the “Boomer” generation’s health management needs.

How many times have you been asked verbally or on a form for details of your medical history (or for a loved one’s) in a doctor’s office? What if this is a 911 emergency; how do first responders quickly gain vital information? What if the patient isn’t able to respond – or has a shaky memory? What if the specifics of allergies or medical conditions are life-or-death?How do you remember all your health info? Your contact info for all your health professionals? Your insurance? Even your current prescriptions including dose?

How do YOU keep track of the trends in your own health information, so that you can better manage your own health? Blood pressure, blood labs, dental and vision results over time give you a comprehensive picture and enable you to better engage with health professionals.So take control of your health! Always maintain quick and easy access to your medical history – for you and for your health professionals – with the comprehensive health records book you will use and eventually treasure.

MY BODY PASSPORT is designed by health care professionals, My Body Passport is a complete book covering every aspect of your personal health, organized simply with pre-labeled check boxes and forms.

My Body Passport is the easiest to use health records book ever made.Your medical and health records include: prescriptions, immunizations, allergies, health care providers, insurance information, vision, dental, and emergency notifications or directives. Having this information at your finger tips might be crucial to provide to doctors, emergency responders, or other health care professionals in a routine appointment or emergency. No more stress about remembering every aspect of your health history – or of a family member or traveling companion. Small and transportable, this little record book allows you to access your health history quickly and easily, whether you need to discuss specifics of lab tests with your doctor, provide information to an insurance provider, or track vaccinations and office visits.My Body Passport lets you take control of your own health. Whether you’re at home or traveling, you’ll have peace of mind—and easy access to health care information that could save your life.* Comprehensive, an “FAQ” of health history and tracking.
* Includes emergency information, history, and ongoing conditions.
* User-friendly and simple layout.
* Easy to fill-out and clear to read.
* For you, for your family.
* Easy to update with new information.
* Your health history at your fingertips.
* Peace of mind having all important information in one place. Like a passport.
* Could be a life-saver in a medical emergency.


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