My Body Passport: Comprehensive medical and health record book for organizing

My Body Passport: Comprehensive medical and health record book for organizing

Designed for every body for years of use, the Classic My Body Passport. Every My Body Passport is easy and a pleasure to fill in, whether for you or for a loved one. Its the most well-organized and comprehensive health record book. You can take control of your health, prepare for emergencies or natural disasters, and have quick and easy access to your medical history.

Imagine this, you are in the emergency room, with a friend. Have you been there? In this situation, my friend had been given morphine, yes, morphine, so when it came time to fill in the paper work, I didn’t know the answers, and at that moment he certainly couldn’t remember. I thought, “How often does this happen?!” Too often.

What if this was your Mom, spouse, friend, travel companion or aging neighbor…how can anyone manage and remember all the details, meds, and history of routine and preventative care? or chronic disease? “How often do we just guess?!”

How can I track my own blood labs numbers from year to year, and have my health information available when I travel? How can I recall this info when I need it?

My Body Passport

Designed by health care professionals, My Body Passport is a complete book covering every aspect of your personal health, organized simply with prelabeled check boxes and forms. My Body Passport is the easiest to use health records book ever made.

Your medical and health records include: prescriptions, immunizations, allergies, health care providers, insurance information, vision, dental, and emergency notifications or directives. Having this information at your finger tips might be crucial to provide to doctors, emergency responders, or other health care professionals in a routine appointment or emergency.

No more stress about remembering every aspect of your health history – or of a family member or traveling companion. Small and transportable, this little record book allows you to access your health history quickly and easily, whether you need to discuss specifics of lab tests with your doctor, provide information to an insurance provider, or track vaccinations and office visits.

My Body Passport lets you take control of your own health. Whether you’re at home or traveling, you’ll have peace of mind—and easy access to health care information that could save your life.

This classic My Body Passport also includes a heavy-duty clear book jacket/holder magnetized for the fridge (USA only). First responders are trained to look for medical information on a refrigerator!

* Comprehensive, an “FAQ” of health history and tracking.

* Includes emergency information, history, and ongoing conditions.

* User-friendly and simple layout.

* Easy to fill-out and clear to read.

* For you, for your family.

* Easy to update with new information.

* Your health history at your fingertips.

* Peace of mind having all important information in one place. Like a passport.

* Travel with your complete and concise medical history.

* Could be a life-saver in a medical emergency.

* Use for on-going health records, whilst traveling or at home.

Q. Can I use this for children?
A. Yes, it is a great way for parents to keep track of the whole family’s health, including vaccinations and office visits, from birth on up.

Q. Will it work for my aging parents?
A. Yes, all their medications, existing conditions, various doctors and appointment histories are readily accessible.

Q. Can I take it with me to my appointments?
A. Yes, the book was designed and reviewed by doctors with the patient and the health specialist in mind. You will improve the effectiveness of your care by bringing your health records, being able to discuss specifics with your doctor, and recording the visit outcomes and next steps.

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