Natural Diet for Diabetes Control: Curing and Preventing Diabetes with the Help of a Healthy Diet

Natural Diet for Diabetes Control: Curing and Preventing Diabetes with the Help of a Healthy Diet

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Sugar Level Maintenance and Type II Diabetes
Bitter Melon
Bottle gourds – Calabash
Spinach And Fenugreek
The Right Natural Cooking Medium
Garlic and Onion Combination
Red Kidney Beans
Healthy Cereals and Grains
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I was talking about different diets with an experienced relative, especially the faddy diets, which seem to pop up every six months on the Internet. And during this time, the craze for Paleo diet came up, where a person would follow the diet eaten by his Neanderthal ancestors, including fruits, nuts and seeds.

That acerbic lady said, “These people were nomads and they moved from place to place, looking for food. So when they found a tree full of nuts, they picked the tree bare, and moved on. And then they spent their time eating the fistfuls of nuts, whenever they could, because they had their supermarket, their natural food garden right around them. The same thing when for vegetables and herbs and the meat they hunted. These were eaten in large quantities when they found them, and when they did not have food, they did not eat.

They did not stuff themselves unnecessarily, like we do, because we have an abundance of food around us. Also, they did not pick up 50 g of nuts from the supermarket shelves, to be eaten in a month, five little almonds a day! So how do you suppose the modern-day eater is going to stay healthy with his sedentary lifestyle, following a faddy diet?”

Come to think of it, she has a valid point here. So when I decided to write this book on a diabetes diet, especially when a person needs to control his diabetes with a disciplined, planned and systematic strict lifestyle, you need to know that you definitely are not going to deprive yourself of delicious and tasty food.

Your doctor may have put you on a diet which tells you not to eat a large number of food items. But believe it or not, since ancient times, people suffering from diabetes remained fit, young and healthy, because they did not deprive their body of essential nutrients. Also, in these ancient sciences, strict and plan diets were always accompanied with exercise as well as herbal remedies in order to keep a diabetic healthy.

So it is not necessary for you to deprive yourself of delicious fruit and vegetables, just because your doctor said that it is full of sugar or because he decided that this diet is not proper for you, and because he says so, you are not allowed to eat nourishing, healthy foods, which are going to manage your condition and even prevent it from deteriorating further.

Just think of this carefully. You are a diabetic. For so many years, you have listened to the say-so of your doctor who is giving you science-based supposedly state-of-the-art treatment. Your life is now restricted to I cannot do this, I cannot eat that, I am a type II diabetic.

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