Nurse Practitioner Acute Care Protocols and Disease Management – FIFTH EDITION:

Nurse Practitioner Acute Care Protocols and Disease Management - FIFTH EDITION:

This is the Fifth Edition of a compendium of acute care protocols and disease management guides created for the Nurse Practitioner and is an update from the Fourth Edition. Over 150 concise, fast-reading protocols for Nurse Practitioners working in family practice, urgent care, and emergency medicine. Covers cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, toxicology, neurology, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary disorders, electrolyte and acid/base disturbances, HEENT, trauma, pediatrics, geriatrics, gynecology, infectious disease, dermatology, hematology, psychiatric and social, environmental, medications, and disease management, among others. The book provides differential diagnosis, pertinent central clinical facts, and practice guidance in a bulleted outline format, for the purpose of furthering the relationship between the Nurse Practitioner and the Physician and for improving patient care and safety. The author Donald Correll, M.D. is a former Emergency Department Medical Director of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital (Tennessee), which treats 100,000 acute care patients annually.

· I like the bulleted format and readable font.

· After receiving this book, I have found
it to be an important "go-to" text for
day-to-day practice in the emergency department.
· Well-organized and easy to follow, the
book helps direct diagnosis, treatment and
details criteria for either admission/discharge
or further consultation.
· I find the book to be helpful in practice.
It provides foundational information that
serves as a guide and it has been a valuable
resource for me.
· I found this book to be well written, easy
to follow and a great resource. I keep it
near my desk at work and use it often. The
author incorporates evidence based information
and up to date clinical guidelines. A wonderful
resource especially for the recent graduate!
· I am using the practice guide daily and
very much appreciate how valuable it is.
· I have used it several
times in the last few months and continue
to use it, particularly if I came across a
subject that I hadn't done in a while to jog
my memory for what to order.
· I bought it for the discharge criteria.
· I wanted to make sure that I was not
missing anything.


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