Overcoming Hypertension

Overcoming Hypertension

Overcoming Hypertension

Like a time bomb ticking away, hypertension  builds quietly, gradually, placing unbearable strain on  the body until it explodes–in heart attack,  stroke, kidney failure, arterial disease, even death.  But the disease does not have to progress that  way. Here, in the third volume of the highly  acclaimed Preventive Medicine Program,  Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, one of the nations foremost  experts in the field of preventive medicine,  presents a medically sound, reassuringly simple program  that help you lower you blood pressure–and keep  it down, often without drugs. Overcoming  Hypertension gives  you:

–The latest facts on how cholesterol, cigarette  smoking, obesity, and stress affect coronary risk  levels.

–Your high blood pressure  risk profile, with newly devised charts for men  and women.

–A complete fitness  program that lets you choose the sport that works for  you. Plus a unique illustrated guide to  aqua-aerobics.

–Tips on talking to your  doctor that will help you become an active  participant in your own recovery.

–A  guide to anti-hypertensive drugs–the most up-to-date  list of medications, their recommended daily  doses, and ways to minimize side  effects.

–Three distinct dietary programs, complete with  menus, recipes, nutritional charts, healthy cooking  tips, and much more.

–Take  charge of your health and well-being with  Overcoming  Hypertension.

Overcoming Hypertension

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