Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes

Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes

Idiot’s Guides: Overcoming Diabetes is written primarily for people with Type 2 Diabetes, but will also include coverage of Type 1. Comprehensive coverage includes:

— A prescriptive, positive discussion about diabetes, symptoms, monitoring, medications, treatment, support, and exercise.

— A focus on how to positive approach dealing with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes– moving away from the stigma and into living a quality life by overcoming the disease.

— The facts and fiction of the disease.

— Information on how fiber, water, saturated fats, alcohol, supplements, and food affect sugar levels.

— Tips for building a toolkit and support network.

— Helpful advice on meal planning, various diets, and goals for diabetes control and weight management.

Overcoming Type 2 Diabetes

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