Picture Book of Kittens: Picture Book of Kittens: For Seniors with Dementia

Picture Book of Kittens: Picture Book of Kittens: For Seniors with Dementia

This calming picture book offers self-empowerment, hope, and dignity to people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or those rehabilitating after a stroke. Share the relaxing pleasures with a loved one of flipping through high quality, colorful images of the cutest kittens.  

Seeing these beautiful photos can spark conversation or reminiscence, reinforcing a sense of self and identity. Rekindle the love of books for elderly readers with this book of adorable pictures of young cats.

Connect to a Loved One  

  • Set a positive mood for interaction with full-color, high quality photos 

  • Quiet and calm activity, especially for afternoon and evening hours  


  • Therapeutic images reduce anxiety  

  • No mention of dementia, memory loss, or anything that could cause stress or embarrassment  

No Text 

  • The only text is on the title page 

  • Pictures only allow for greater possibilities of interpretations, recollections, and associations 

Memory Stimulation  

  • Images are a powerful opportunity for association and reminiscence  

Comfortable to hold  

  • Lightweight  

  • soft cover  

  • 6×9 inches  

  • 41 pages  

Helpful Tips for Caregivers 

  • Sit beside your loved-one in a quiet area with no distractions 

  • Avoid shadows or reflections on the pages 

  • Provide a pillow on your loved-one’s lap to support their hands and the book 

  • Allow your loved one to turn the pages when possible. This allows them to control the pace for engagement and reminiscence. 

  • Use in a group or care setting can bring individuals with dementia together and can be used as an entertaining activity that helps combat boredom or depression.

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