Please write in My Visitor Book: Floral cover | Guest record and log for seniors

Please write in My Visitor Book: Floral cover | Guest record and log for seniors

Do you sometimes forget who visited, what they said, or who brought the flowers? This visitor book asks for more than name and date: there’s also space for your visitor to jot down a few words about how they know  you, what you did together, what you talked about, their news, anything they brought with them or took away, and when they might see you again. There’s even a small space for any special message they want to leave you with.

That extra detail offers you:

  • A happy way to revisit time with your guests, as you read through their notes later, or someone reads aloud to you.

  • Reassurance for family, so they know who left the lovely flowers (or who took your shoes to be repaired), when you aren’t quite sure.

  • A no-stress writing experience for visitors, with easy prompts in this soft cover notebook.

  • The option of use by professionals, to log visits and leave notes that you or your family can read.

  • An alternative to asking your guests to write: simply keep the book next to you and do your own note-taking with them, or immediately after they leave.

This 120 page square soft-cover notebook measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches, and features:

  • Visual ‘how to use this book’ double page spread

  • Room to record 110 visits, with easy prompts in attractive themed format

  • Contact details pages

  • Note pages

  • Large easy to read sans-serif font and spacious lines and boxes for writing

  • Eye-catching matt cover with space to write your name

  • Also available in other covers / sizes, but with similar interior (see the Unforgettable Notes page).

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