The 8 P’s of a Successful New Radiology Centre

The 8 P's of a Successful New Radiology Centre

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by radiologists I have worked with over the years are:
– How do I grow my radiology business operation?
– What are the secrets to a successful expansion? 
– How do I ensure strategic growth and business longevity in a way that supports population demand and growth? 

In this ebook I answer these questions. 
It is by no means an exhaustive guide, but hopefully it will help healthcare entrepreneurs to organise the planning stage of a new venture or a growth stage of an existing business. It will also set the stage for follow up research, discussions and actions you should consider.

Who would benefit from reading this ebook?

– Radiologists and other clinicians who wish to venture out and establish their own healthcare business
– Healthcare consultants, operations managers and business development specialists who would like to establish a baseline set of guiding principles of a successful new medical imaging business
– Healthcare property developers and builders who wish to learn about some of the unique factors behind starting, growing and operation a radiology centre
– Hospital administrators who would like to learn more about the particular needs for future radiology departments

After reading these pages you should become hungry for more knowledge and insights on the topic.

The 8 P's of a Successful New Radiology Centre

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