The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book

The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book

Recently, the connection between inflammation and heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic diseases has become established. Many food allergies inefficiently and overabundantly stimulate the immune system to react and cause inflammatory responses. Any inflammation in the body interferes with and slows down metabolism and the healing response. Chronic inflammation within our bodies erodes our wellness and paves the path for ill health.

What is an anti-inflammatory diet? It eliminates many common allergenic foods that may promote inflammation in the body and reduces intake of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotic residues. The diet is full of whole foods, eliminates processed foods, sugars, and other man-made foods such as hydrogenated oils, and encourages ample vegetable intake for essential nutrients. The anti-inflammatory diet therefore promotes simpler and easier digestion and offers less insult on the body by reducing intake of toxins and other difficult to digest foods. If the blood and lymph are properly supplied and difficult to digest or assimilate foods are eliminated, cellular function, or in other words, metabolism, improves. Therefore the body is supported in such a way as to facilitate cellular regeneration and not cellular degeneration which may promote disease.

The author, a naturopathic doctor, has helped many people on their way back to health with this anti-inflammatory diet. THE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET AND RECIPE BOOK is the first book to give the complete program with specifics on how to eat and cook in order to prevent and counter inflammation.

The purpose of the book is to act as a guide to help people learn to cook healthily. The first part of the book explains the benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet, gives the science. The second half of the book contains 108 recipes.

Many of the recipes can be used as a template for even greater meals. The author offers many substitution suggestions and includes healthy tips with each of the recipes. Most of the recipes take very little time to fix. A week’s sample menu for summer months and another for winter months is included as well as a substitutions chart, so that you can modify your favorite recipes to make them more healthy.

This is a book for every healthy kitchen.

The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book

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