The Clean Curse Words Guide to How Nurses Swear at Work Adult Coloring Book:

The Clean Curse Words Guide to How Nurses Swear at Work Adult Coloring Book:


This funny nurse inspired coloring book is just what a nurse, doctor, social worker, health aid, hospital faculty or staff member needs to stay inspired and excited for the day. Every nursing aid and professional probably has a nice collection of booklets and notepads, but not many of them will have a full coloring book of funny and safe for work cuss words that every nurse wants to say during the day. Nursing is extremely stressful, and if you are going to let a curse word out, it might as well be a safe one!

This color book is perfect as a gift at the beginning or end of the year, or during Nurse Appreciation Week, or just a simple and fun way to say thank you.

Not only is this mandala style coloring book visually appealing, it also allows for amazing coloring and completed designs. Nurses help make the world go round and saving the lives of people throughout the world daily. They also aren’t getting the salary, love, appreciation and attention they deserve. While this creative and original coloring book is a simple gift, it could make the world of a difference for any nurse or health aid who it might be given to.

Unlike other coloring books that just have blank pages and not much to color in, this book features 25 pages of original design with a fancy mandala and a black and white lined text over each. All designs are also in full bleed and scale to the end of the page.

There is also room on the back of each coloring page that allows for simple note taking, documenting reminders, creating to-do lists and highlighting your top priorities — all of which allows for easy navigation and complete creativity. You will also find a faded watermark stamp for with the “How Nurses Swear at Work” branding on the back of each page.

Need to take away the stress and frustration of every day life? Are you looking for a great gift for your nurse or staff member? Maybe you are a health professional and simply looking for something fun to do in your spare time. No matter which question applies to you most, it’s all possible with this inspiring coloring book and sketch pad that is completely original and customized to fit your needs.

  • SIZE: 8.5×11
  • PAPER: Black and White Coloring Pages
  • FEATURES: Original Art Cover
  • PAGES: 55 Pages
  • COVER: Soft Cover (Matte)

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  • 25 beautiful mandala and text inspired coloring pages
  • Back pages can be used for note taking, journaling and to-do lists
  • Printed on high quality interior stock paper
  • Premium matte finish cover with amazing art work

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