The La Jolla Murders

The La Jolla Murders

“I should get going before all my friends and family send a search party down here.” He laughed.

“Did you forget you told me you’re here alone?” He said with a huge smile on his face.

He quickly pulled the back of her bikini top, and like that, her perfect, round, firm breasts popped out. They were about the size of grapefruits.

“Hey!” she tried to yell, but he pulled her back in to kiss her to shut her up. She tried to push him away, but he easily took both of her hands and pinned them behind her back with the ease of one hand.

“No, Stop, Please!!” she began whining and begging. He just started laughing. He wasn’t sure why. He couldn’t stop. From then, things get blurry in his mind. Then he comes back into focus, and her eyes are staring up at him. He knows that look, she’s dead. Why is he straddling her body, with her bikini top wrapped around her neck? Her eyes had the tell-tale sign of strangulation. The blood vessels had popped. She spits up blood, lots of it. He actually pulled the strings on the bikini so hard, that she started bleeding there too!

Suddenly, he jolts awake. He doesn’t remember much of the dream until he rubs his face, to rub the sleep away, and he feels his hands wet. He looks down, and sees that his hands have blood on them.

The La Jolla Murders

The La Jolla Murders | | 4.5