The Med School Survival Kit: How To Breeze Through Med School While Crushing

The Med School Survival Kit: How To Breeze Through Med School While Crushing

Forget the old saying that you can’t excel in medical school and have a social life at the same time. You can! It’s time to study smarter, save countless hours, crush your exams, have a life, and match into the residency program of your choice. This book is the blueprint on how to get everything you want out of med school. IN THIS STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO BREEZE THROUGH MEDICAL SCHOOL YOU WILL LEARN:- Tips and tricks on how to navigate through all 4 years of medical school.- How to get a 250 on your STEP 1 exam by studying efficiently and approaching questions the right way.- How to use storytelling as a tactic to learn anything.- Travel hacks to get you deeply discounted flights as a med student.- Tips on balancing school and personal life.- Tips on writing your personal statement.- How to get involved in research.- Productivity, time management, and study hacks to make you 4x more effective.- The right resources to use on all of your subject exams.- Plus much much more!

Wendell does an excellent job of concisely synthesizing his insights on how to successfully navigate through medical school! He shares universally applicable tools that are beneficial to students at any level of medical school. Even as a rising, fourth-year student, I benefited tremendously from reading this book! –Kimyra Milhouse, DO candidate

I wish I had access to this book when I started medical school!! Dr. Cole has provided medical students with a complete guide on how to master medical school and kill board exams. This book is essential to every medical student s journey. –Crystal Seldon, M.D.

This book gives an insight into how to manage 4 years in med school by combining personal stories with applicable tips… Wendell s personal anecdotes allow the reader to relate while learning meaningful tips. –Farah Sherine, BS – Pre-Med


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