The Parkinson’s Playbook

The Parkinson's Playbook

The Parkinson’s Playbook puts the power in your hands, giving you the knowledge you need to proactively defend yourself against the progression of Parkinson’s disease with energy, vitality, and confidence.

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is not an easy one. In The Parkinson’s Playbook, author Robert Smith has prepared an enlightening and engaging “playbook” to help you tackle Parkinson’s head on, including a pro-active offense of lifestyle improvements and defensive measures including cutting-edge medications and natural healing techniques.

The Parkinson’s Playbook makes you the MVP of your life—so get out there and win!

Also featured in The Parkinson’s Playbook:
• How to assemble a line-up of medical and emotional support systems
• Learn the importance of exercise to boost strength and relieve stress
• Effective, easy-to-implement diet changes for well-being

…and so much more, all with the unique patient’s perspective of the author’s personal experiences fighting—and winning—against his disease.

The Parkinson's Playbook

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