The Picture Book of Movie Stars: A Gift Book for Alzheimer’s Patients and

The Picture Book of Movie Stars: A Gift Book for Alzheimer's Patients and

This beautiful picture book with only a few words of large-print text is designed for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. If someone you love is finding it difficult or frustrating to read books but they still enjoy the calm, relaxing pleasure of turning the pages, this book is for them. It is also an excellent activity for seniors who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease or recovering from a stroke.

Thumbing through this picture book with a loved one is an activity that is calming at the same time it encourages interaction. While many dementia patients have difficulty with short-term memory, memories of the distant past are more accessible. This book contains full-page photos of movie stars from the mid-20th century, along with their names and a list of three of their most famous movies. Your loved one will feel a sense of delight and anticipation as they turn the page to see which movie star is next.

Seniors with eyesight or strength challenges who find it difficult to hold a heavy book or read long paragraphs of text will also enjoy this book.


• Beautiful Content.

This book is filled with carefully-curated, full-color, high-resolution photos of movie stars.

• Minimal Text.

The only text included in the book, except on the title and copyright page, is the name of each movie star and a list of three of their most famous movies.

• Manageable Size.

This is a 40-page, 6” x 9” softcover that’s comfortable to hold and easy to tuck into a bag.

• High Quality.

The quality of this book’s cover and its interior design are indistinguishable from books created for other readers. Just because the content of a book is simple and uncomplicated doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive, unprofessional, or childish.

• Discreet Packaging.

At no time is anything mentioned about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or any other challenges the reader might be facing. This book can be given to your loved one without fear that they might feel embarrassed or offended, and they can feel comfortable reading it in the presence of others.


• Sit beside your loved one in a quiet place that is free of noise or other distractions.

• Allow them to hold the book if possible, and also to turn the pages, which will enable them to become more engaged in the book.

• Put a pillow in their lap to comfortably support the book as you thumb through it together.

• To connect with your loved one, ask questions that are easy to answer, even by simply pointing. “Which flower do you think is prettier? The rose or the marigold?”

• Leave this book in an accessible place to allow your loved one to pick it up on their own when you’re not there.

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