The Portable Personal Trainer

The Portable Personal Trainer

Exercise Your Body. Enjoy Yourself. Experience the Difference.

Whatever your fitness level, world-class Iron Man triathlete Eric Harr shares 100 inspirational strategies to uncover your passion and improve your performance.

•See each workout as a celebration and an opportunity for personal growth (#5).

•Stop counting calories and listen to your body for nutrition information it knows what you need (#22).

•Learn why morning workouts are best–and it’s not just because you’ll burn more body fat (#35)

•Experience the power of a “breakthrough session” in your training program (#60).

•Find out the five best fat-burning secrets, and why you must be selfish about your fitness.(#s 90 and 91).

•Put less effort into your workout for world-class results (#73).

•Let go of your ego and rely on your inner strength and confidence (#84).

Gleaned from thousands of hours of training and shared wisdom from the very best athletes in the world, these simple lessons will transform your approach to getting fit, staying active, and being alive.

The Portable Personal Trainer

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