The Recipe for Life

The Recipe for Life

Bestselling author and home cook Sally Bee’s collection of deliciously simple recipes that show how easy it is to follow a healthy diet for life.

Many of us know the principles of healthy eating but actually incorporating them into daily life is much harder. Whether it’s eating more fruit and vegetables, reducing fat without losing flavour or feeding a family after work without the aid of a take-away menu, Sally Bee explains how to make good food second nature.

Sally isn’t a dietician, but a busy mum who knows how tough it can be to change eating habits. Her down-to-earth advice and realistic approach is borne from her own experience of life-threatening heart disease, which she recovered from thanks to her own delicious and easy-to-follow eating plan. Sally understands how real people eat and how recipes must be quick and made with affordable, readily available food. Her plan won’t leave you feeling deprived or hungry, but allows you to enjoy many of your favourite foods in a balanced way.

Recipes for Life offers refreshingly simple advice and tasty dishes that will change your eating habits and help you enjoy a healthy mind and body – not just for a few weeks, but for life.

Recipes include:

Chicken Korma
Healthy Chinese Chicken Wraps
Smoked haddock and leek pie
Healthy Fish Chips and Mushy Peas
Roast Monkfish with Olives and Capers
All-in-one Lentil and Sausage Casserole
Spanish Pork and Bean Stew
Caramelised Veggies with Sausages and Baked Sweet Potato
Winter Salad
Asparagus and Artichoke Salad with Wild Rice and Basil Dressing
Pumpkin and mushroom lasagne
Broccoli and Leek Bake
Apricot and Pistachio Tart


• BBC Good Food magazine featured The Recipe For Life as the lead review in their February issue, writing: “Her recipes are very family-friendly, simple and quick to make from inexpensive, readily available ingredients…whether you’re looking to improve your diet for health or vanity reasons, these dishes will fit the bill.”

• Good Housekeeping wrote that The Recipe for Life is “another bestseller in the making.”

• February issue of Top Sante magazine: “Sally Bee’s delicious yet simple recipes are packed full of fresh, nutritious ingredients as well as flavour.”

• The Recipe for Life “is a selection of deliciously simple recipes that can change your eating habits and help you enjoy a healthy mind and body for life.” – February issue of North Living

About the author

At the age of 36, Sally was in the prime of her life successfully juggling being a writer, TV presenter, wife and mum of three. Then, in 2004, she suffered three major heart attacks in the space of only one week. Sally defied all the odds and, 5 years on, is glowing with health.

Sally is a spokeswoman for the British Heart Foundation, is a trained therapist giving regular talks to heart rehabilitation groups, and an NHS ‘Expert Patient’.

The Recipe for Life

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