The Sinus Cure

The Sinus Cure

From an award-winning medical writer comes the definitive guide for sinus sufferers.

If you’re one of the thirty-eight million who endure from sinus problems, you know the debilitating effects this condition can bring—from pounding headaches, runny nose, and chronic fatigue to asthma, halitosis, even serious lung disease and meningitis. The good news is that sinus disease can be dramatically alleviated and permanently reversed. Now, after years of research, interviews, and personal and professional experience, Debra Fulghum Bruce and Murray Grossan, M.D., share cures from the top healthcare specialists and patients . . . cures that really work.

In clear, authoritative language, The Sinus Cure explains how you can easily design a highly effective 7-step sinus healing program to help you get a long-lasting grip on your own particular symptoms. Inside you’ll discover:

• Alternative and complementary healing options—homeopathy, herbs, t’ai chi, yoga, and other ancient and New Age strategies
• The foods that trigger sinusitis—and the ones that soothe it
• Nutritional and natural supplements that reduce swelling and inflammation
• Proven methods for clearing the air you breathe of dust mites, mold, damp, and other allergens
• Effective sinus hygiene, including the wonder of nasal irrigators
• Exercises that can act as a decongestant
• Helpful (and not-so-helpful) prescription or over-the-counter medications
• The startling truth about sinus surgery
• How to combine the most effective medical and natural treatments to end your sinus symptoms

Although further medical research is needed to completely eradicate sinusitis, the treatments and medications described here, most without any side effects, will greatly reduce or end your sinus problems. So breathe easy. Relief is here!

The Sinus Cure

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