The Surgeon’s Surprise Twins

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

He’s an arrogant surgeon. She’s a spirited nurse. They’re both about to be blindsided… by twin babies, a scandal and each other!

When Dr. Owen Tartikoff arrives at Safe Harbor Medical Center to head the new fertility program, he’s looking forward to the birth of his brother’s baby–a baby for whom he donated sperm. Surprise! His sister-in-law isn’t pregnant. Instead, they recruited her sister Bailey, a nurse at the hospital, as surrogate mother.

More surprises: Bailey’s carrying twins. And when Owen moves into a house he co-owns with his brother, he discovers she’s already living there, ready to battle over everything from food to their shared bathroom. While Owen might intimidate the rest of the hospital staff, Bailey’s glad to take the sexy surgeon down a few pegs.

Then a shocking turn of events shows they can’t trust his brother or her sister with the babies. Can the high-handed doctor and the fearless nurse build a future together for their unexpected family? called this medical romance “Another must-read from a master storyteller.” Night Owl Reviews awarded Top Pick status to this sixth entry in USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond’s Safe Harbor Medical series.

The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

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