Undoing Perpetual Stress

Undoing Perpetual Stress

Our brains weren’t built for this.
Twenty-first-century life evolves at a breakneck pace—and with it, stress seems to multiply by the day. We work long, harrowing hours. We fret over our families and finances. Our e-mail beeps and our cell phones ring. But our nervous systems were never meant to handle so many stressors. In this groundbreaking book, psychotherapist Richard O’Connor explains how a wide range of common problems—both emotional and physical—are actually side effects of modern life, and how you can undo their damage. Combining expertise with down-to-earth language, Undoing Perpetual Stress explains how you can

recognize the hidden effects of stress on your brain and body

understand your inner sanity in conflict with a crazy world

develop self-control over how you think, act and feel when stressed

regain a sense of meaning and purpose in your life

You already know how to “do” stress. With the help of this book, you can undo it, too.

Undoing Perpetual Stress

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