Virginia Medical Law

Virginia Medical Law

Covering a broad range of topics, this updated edition of Rodney K. Adams’ classic reference book on medical law is an essential resource for Virginia health care providers.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on licensure, informed consent, health care records, malpractice litigation, or regulatory compliance, the text offers strategies for approaching common dilemmas in health care.

The reference book also explores topics such as when you’re obligated to treat a patient, working with patients with limited English proficiency, informed consent, family and reproductive issues, facility security, and much more.

Every medical student, physician, psychologist, therapist, administrator, risk manager, nurse, and clinician should have this book.

Protect yourself and help other interested parties with proven guidance on navigating the myriad of statutes, regulations, and court decisions related to health care with the newest edition of Virginia Medical Law.

Virginia Medical Law

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